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When I began my career decades ago, building apps was simple as you only had to learn a few technologies. Today, app development is much more complicated and requires knowledge of a plethora of languages, tools, techniques, design paradigms, architectural approaches, frameworks, APIs, and cloud services. I started developing apps on my own to keep my skills sharp and relevant as technologies change year over year.


I built an app to help women find clothes that fit after many discussions with my wife about the problem. The app is a social network that enables an outfit-finding gig economy using micropayments. The key innovation is the body profile comparison that shows how the user's body measurements compare to a woman in a photo. In addition to the core features, there is also an outfit scavenger hunt game built on top of the core user experience. The game allows women to configure the experience they want, invite participants, and automatically generates random outfits to find based on the game configuration.

I built an app as an offshoot of my blog to help software developers learn soft skills. Developers build their soft skills scorecard by taking short assessments covering multiple categories related to soft skills. Depending on their scores, the app recommends a training podcast to help them improve their soft skills. These podcasts can be purchased using a credit system or by purchasing all of them at once. Developers can share their scorecards on social media with a link preview that shows their actual results using dynamic preview image generation. The app also allows for gift code purchases for companies who want to buy soft skills training for their development organization.

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